From project concept to occupation of the site, integrated vegetation management adds value to your outcome.

A Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) is a site-specific document that provides a guideline for the management and rehabilitation of native vegetation communities, whether or not they are threatened communities. 


The document describes the strategic and management objectives of the plan and the existing condition of the site with respect to the natural resources available.


A VMP also details the management guidelines with respect to a list of issues applicable to the land, e.g. biodiversity conservation, vegetation and weeds, fauna, bushfire, streams and stormwater management, recreation, works and infrastructure, pollution control and education and community involvement.


A schedule of works details the implementation of the plan, the duration and priority.  The plan is supported by maps, diagrams and plant species lists to describe the existing vegetation, management zones, constraints, vegetation and natural features to be retained, proposed vegetation, sediment and erosion control and stabilisation works, etc.


Sometimes, when a new development is likely to affect threatened plant species or threatened plant communities, Council will require a VMP to be submitted as part of the development application.


The Abel Ecology team is made up of ecologists with professional, botanical and ecological qualifications to assist you with your VMP.


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