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Expert arborist advice to make your project management Uninterrupted, Practical and Sustainable.

Abel Ecology will provide you with an unbiased Arborist / Tree Assessment for council, a development proposal or for your peace of mind.

A three-stage approach is recommended for optimum tree retention results for the site:

Stage 1. Preliminary tree assessment

Conducted at the earliest stages of the project; at concept development, prior to any development works beginning. 

Stage 2. Consultation

Consultation with the project manager and other relevant consultants, at the earliest stage of project development, following the preliminary tree assessment and prior to works beginning.

Stage 3. Impact assessment and tree protection specifications report

We also assess the options for remediation or for protection of trees on development sites. If tree work is required we will write specifications to guide best practice and can recommend appropriately qualified, reliable contractors.


A tree inspection includes assessment of the current health and structure of the tree, species identification, inspection of ecological issues and potential, tree dimensions and assessing potential risk of failure. Further investigations may include basic soil assessment and testing or an aerial investigation to ensure the right clues are collected for reporting.


A common omission in arborist assessments are the trees over the fence. A tree on adjoining land may have roots under the fence. That has been a major issue to manage in many of our projects. We ensure that we advise our clients of such matters early in a project because it can affect architectural design.


Whether we are assessing a single tree that you are concerned about, that it may pose a risk to people or property, or it does not seem to be thriving, as you would hope - or many trees on a potential development site, Abel Ecology Consultant Arborists have the expertise to provide you with solutions.

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