Koalas are very happy at Wedderburn

How do you know if a Koala is happy? They have babies.

Very happy? Lots of them!

Our Koala habitat restoration project at Wedderburn is paying off big time.

Big Russ, the main man on the site is bringing his harem to the site managers to show off!

As you can see by the photos they are not at all shy.

At this time of year the joeys are starting to spend a bit of time away from their Mums but still like a ride when they can get it.

Our next task is to re-measure all the 1,166 feed trees and plot the activity and feeding areas for the Koalas.

Big Russ quite likes a bit of maple leaf, too.

Big Russ, the dominant male Koala.

Mum and bub checking out the habitat helpers.

Mum is not shy but bub is not so sure, yet.

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