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Abel EarthScape - The Company

Abel EarthScape focuses on the environment as a valuable and irreplaceable asset alongside effective management with quality outcomes, and is building a reputation for success.


Abel EarthScape is part of the continuing growth of the Abel group of companies. The strong demand for arborist services will provide the right opportunity for Abel EarthScape to expand and grow.


Abel EarthScape is able to prepare and manage all aspects of a project’s life cycle including:


  •   Site analysis

  •   Detailed planning

  •   Implementation

  •   Monitoring and evaluation

  •   Project managing


Abel EarthScape practices require a good understanding of the customers’ needs. As a part of the Abel Ecology group, Abel EarthScape can be involved throughout the entire development process, resulting in a seamless project where the client can be confident that the best possible outcome has been achieved.


Our consultants work in areas all over New South Wales, and have also provided our services to clients in Victoria.


We provide assessments to a range of clients, from home owners with concern for a single tree; to property developments on a small or large scale; councils and other government bodies; schools, hospitals and nursing homes.


We can provide fixed price quotes or invoice our services at an hourly rate. Drop us an email info@abelecology.com.au anytime, or give us a call on 02 4751 9487 during business hours.



Our specialist scientists work together to provide
consistency in a range of arborist solutions

As an applied science, arboriculture considers many aspects of a tree. Our Consultant Arborists draw on their wide range of skills, making connections to improve the outcomes for your tree projects.


·         Plant selection – choosing healthy plants is the first step in successful projects. Many plants are not worth putting in the ground because they have not been properly handled in the earliest stages of seedling development.


    In the same way that not everyone looks great in black clothes, many factors will influence what species of plants will survive in any given location! The quality and properties of the soil; the slope and aspect of the location; other plants growing in proximity – or absence of them; the rainfall, frost, radiant heat and available sunlight; native fauna that may frequent the site are just some of the wider considerations.


  •   Horticulture

  •   Plant Identification

  •   Seed collection and storage

  •   Bush Regeneration

  •   Education and Training

  •   Tree planting design

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Arborists are trained to read the body language of trees

Trees respond to their surroundings in many ways – some of their responses to injury and damage, nutrient deficiency, soil conditions and stress can be understood from a non-invasive visual assessment. Knowing the signs and symptoms and how to interpret them is part of the Arboriculture training. Determining if further tests or examination methods are required helps arborists to collect the clues to determine what action is needed.


The scientific process of observation, questioning, testing, researching, reaching conclusions and making recommendations is something our university-trained arborists are able to do for their clients.


As an applied science, arboriculture considers many aspects of a tree. Abel Ecology Consultant Arborists draw on their wide range of skills and qualifications, making connections to improve the outcomes for your tree projects. (maybe links here to ‘skills’ listed at the end)

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We will take the time with you to discuss
the tree issues and concerns you have


Whether for one or for many trees, we will provide you with an unbiased assessment, whether for council requirements, a development proposal or for your own peace of mind.


We do not do tree felling or surgery work and will make the effort to fully assess the options for remediation or for protection of trees on development sites. If tree work is required we will write specifications to guide best practice and can recommend appropriately qualified, reliable contractors. That way you are assured that we have no conflict of interest. We can, however, recommend reliable tree contractors if required.


A tree inspection includes assessment of the current health and structure of the tree, species identification, inspection of ecological issues and potential, tree dimensions and assessing potential risk of failure. Further investigations may include basic soil assessment and testing or an aerial investigation to ensure the right clues are collected for reporting.


A common omission in arborist assessments is the trees over the fence. A tree on adjoining land may have roots under the fence. That has been a major issue to manage in many of our projects. We ensure that we advise our clients of such maters early in a project because it can affect architectural design.


Whether we are assessing a single tree that you are concerned about, that it may pose a risk to people or property, or it does not seem to be thriving, as you would hope - or many trees on a potential development site, Abel Ecology Consultant Arborists have the expertise to provide you with solutions.

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Abel Ecology has been providing Flora and Fauna assessments, Vegetation Management Plans and
Bushfire assessment and advice for over 25 years


In this time, we have found that recommendations in tree reports provided by other companies do not sync with our detailed assessments. With the aim of streamlining the DA submission process and avoiding unnecessary re-writes of reports, Abel Ecology has expanded our expertise to include Arboriculture consultancy.


As university graduates with expertise across a range of additional areas of plant science including genetics and horticulture and also ecology, fauna, ornithology and bushfire we take pride in the consistency and clarity of our reporting. We can help you to coordinate reports and recommendations for development applications. We often accompany or represent our clients at all stages of the development process to balance the best outcome for urban development and the environment.


In many countries around the world, Arboriculture is taught in universities as an applied science. There are many aspects of science required to fully and meaningfully assess a tree. The more a practitioner knows about plants and the environments in which they grow, the better the assessment outcome.


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The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.



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Our team

The consultancy team has a range of qualifications ranging from Bachelor degrees in Horticulture, Botany and Agriculture, a Master of Agricultural Science and a PhD in plant genetics.


Elizabeth and Daniel provide Arborist assessment and reporting. These include Preliminary Arboricultural Assessments, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Tree Audits, Root Mapping and Risk Assessment.

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Abel Ecology Pty Ltd 2014.  trading as Abel Earthcare, Abel EarthScape and Abel Archaeology

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