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Abel Earthcare - the company

Abel Earthcare is coming to the forefront of professional bush land management practices in NSW. With a focus on the environment as a valuable and irreplaceable asset, alongside effective management with quality outcomes, Abel Earthcare is building a reputation for success.


Abel Earthcare is able to prepare and manage all aspects of the project's life cycle including:


  • Site analysis
  • Detailed planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Bush regeneration practices require a good understanding of the stakeholders' needs. As a part of the Abel Ecology group Abel Earthcare can be involved throughout the entire process, resulting in a seamless project where the client can be confident that the best possible outcome has been achieved.



Areas of expertise

  • Bush Regeneration (Assisted)

  • Bush Regeneration (Passive)

  • Vegetation Community Reconstruction

  • Vegetation Management Plans

  • Weed Management Plans

  • Asset Protection Zone - creation and maintenance

  • Ecologically Sustainable Property Management

  • Habitat Reconstruction

  • Replanting

  • Landscape Construction

  • Tree Removal

  • Weed Removal and Control

  • Tree consultation

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Our team

Dr Danny Wotherspoon - Managing Director


Mark Sherring - Quality Control Director
(BM, MAABR, Cert Hort, Cert Bush Regen, Cert Rural Ops)


Jesse Tree - Tree Consultant, Horticulturalist

(BA Hort, Cert IT)


Team Leaders have a minimum of Cert II Bush Regeneration from NSW TAFE alongside 5 years professional experience.

Our team members have qualifications in horticulture, science, ecology, botany, bushfire management and arboriculture.

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Previous experience

"Taldumande", Kurrajong - Rural residential development

An abandoned dairy farm at Kurrajong, western Sydney, had the Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs) Shale/Sandstone Transition Forest and Western Sydney Dry Rainforest, and was overgrown with weeds.

The final design consisted of one Community Lot containing the EECs, and the remaining area subdivided into smaller Lots, which required a change in zoning and a change to the LEP by the local Council.

Extensive weeding and planting has seen recovery in the EECís and infringing native grasslands.



Lantana Control

Abel Ecology was the only successful private proponent for funding to remove lantana in the EEC Shale/Sandstone Transition Forest. Funding for that project on private land was provided by Department of Environment and Climate Change (OEH).



Camden Lakeside Country Club

A degraded grazing property in western Sydney was redeveloped as a golf course and was subject to weeds, dryland salinity, erosion and turf grass insect pests. The remnant vegetation was the EEC Cumberland Plain Woodland for which a habitat restoration plan was implemented.


The course has been self sufficient for water for the life of the development. There has been a doubling of species of birds, reptiles and frogs, and insectivorous bats have increased from none to eight species.


One Endangered and one Vulnerable plant species have emerged on the site.



Liverpool City Council, Brickmakerís Creek reconstruction

A one-kilometre reach of Brickmakerís Creek at Liverpool was to be reconstructed for flood mitigation and habitat reconstruction. Abel Ecology had the role of designing an appropriate natural ecosystem reconstruction to reinstate riparian ecological functions. This included collaboration with the hydraulic engineer and council to develop a project management plan, vegetation and fauna habitat management, and a landscape plan.

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Abel Ecology Pty Ltd 2014.  trading as Abel Earthcare, Abel EarthScape and Abel Archaeology

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