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Abel Archaeology

Abel Archaeology specialises in Indigenous (Aboriginal) archaeology and is managed by Dr. Graham Knuckey. Graham has been involved in archaeological and cultural heritage matters since 1985, initially in museum and university research, then tutoring and lecturing at the UNE in Armidale NSW. From 1992 he has also been active in commercial consulting in Indigenous archaeology.


Abel Archaeology can provide a wide range of services across the archaeological consulting sphere, including all aspects of field survey, site mapping, site excavation and analysis, database and assemblage, curation and primary assemblage research projects. Abel Archaeology can assist with the Indigenous heritage component of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS); pre-CHMP workplace agreements, and cultural heritage management plans (CHMPs). Abel Archaeology specialises in sensitive site investigation (burials) and recording, through close and detailed liaison with Traditional Owners, and can assist with burial exhumation and re-burial planning

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Alongside the overarching ethos of Abel Ecology Pty Ltd with regard to the care and responsible management of our natural heritage, Abel Archaeology is committed to working toward the responsible identification, preservation, study and management of Australia’s Indigenous archaeological heritage. Abel Archaeology is also committed to creating a work environment that embraces respect, co-operation and equality, with a view to the careful and responsible management of Australian Indigenous cultural heritage.

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Service and Capability Statement

Abel Archaeology provides an innovative, high-quality and professional archaeological consulting service. Specifically, Abel Archaeology provides this service to government authorities (local, state and federal), to private enterprise including the mining sector and infrastructure companies, to the Aboriginal Community, and to the wider community, including historical societies, action groups and landowners.


Abel Archaeology can help you with:

  • Archaeological survey and significance assessments;

  • Site recording, mitigation and management;

  • Archaeological excavation, including assemblage storage and curation;

  • Archaeological resource analysis for the following assemblage types;

- Fauna;

- Flora (including pollen and phytoliths);

- Lithic material;

- Human skeletal remains.

  • Burial exhumation and re-interment;

  • Assistance/advice with pre-CHMP work place ‘terms of reference’ agreements;

  • Assistance/advice in the preparation of cultural heritage management plans (CHMP);

  • Peer review;

  • Preparation of cultural heritage awareness and site-specific, induction programs.

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Case Study

An investigation along a section of the proposed coal seam gas pipeline in the Injune district revealed some exciting small artefacts.  Click on the title below to read more.


GLNG Cultural Heritage Survey

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Beach Energy Australia - Seismic Program Jan-Feb 2012

Early in 2012 Abel Archaeology assisted the Wangkamurra People in southwest Queensland with logistical support as they carried out cultural heritage surveys of corridors set aside for seismic lines. These surveys were the preliminary component of Beach Energy's seismic exploration program in the search for oil and gas reserves. The program began towards Cameron Corner on the border of the Strezlecki Desert and moved north to Cooper Creek in the vicinity of Burke and Wills' Dig Tree and was completed in two blocks of three weeks.


A single platform core from the Strezlecki Desert A 'brand new' tula adze


Ivanhoe Australia - Mt Dore Exploration Program Apr-Aug 2012

An extensive program of exploration drilling commenced at Ivanhoe Australia's gold and copper leases in the Selwyn Ranges, northwest Queensland during 2012. Abel Archaeology's Dr Graham Knuckey was commissioned to assist the Yulluna Traditional Owners to carry out cultural heritage inspections of the proposed drill hole locations on each of three exploration grids. Each proposed drill hole (passing east-west) was 250 m from the next and each row of drill holes (passing north-south) was 500 m apart. Three grids were set for inspection and each one consisted of up to 30 rows of drill holes. Access was the main constraint to the cultural heritage field team, with the landscape often consisting of low hills and mesas, whilst in the low-lying areas deeply incised river and creek channels often barred passage. A rough pattern of artefact scatters and background stone artefact material occurred on the low-lying areas in association with the river/creek channels, whilst in the mesa/breakaway country it was not uncommon to find rock shelters and shallow caves containing rock art, making the hard travel worth it in the end. The surveys are on-going.


A grinding dish/plate from the Selwyn Ranges Working with an audience in the Selwyn Ranges

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